Sweet Sounds of Success

Thanks to a viral video, Straight No Chaser evolves from college hobby to sizzling success
By Emily Brill
At The Shore
Friday August 19, 2011
Wearing the label "Chasers" with pride, Straight No Chaser's fans communicate on message boards and post concert videos to the group's official website. (Straight No Chaser encourages fans to shoot photos and video during its shows.)
Many of Straight No Chaser's members, in turn, communicate with fans via Twitter and their profiles on www.sncmusic.com.
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Straight No Chaser's show at Musikfest makes the wait seem worth it

By John J. Moser
Lehigh Valley Music
August 12, 2011
...what a triumphant return: headlining Musikfest’s Steel Stage with a show lasting nearly two hours, covering 22 full songs (or mash-ups of songs) and three medleys that included parts of 26 others, running a broad variety of styles and ranging from good to stunning.

The audience was so enthusiastic that it created perhaps the largest gathering directly in front of the stage so far, with members of the group calling it Straight No Chaser’s first mosh pit.
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What Straight No Chaser's Jerome Collins misses about the Lehigh Valley

By John J. Moser
Lehigh Valley Music
August 12, 2011
Here’s what Collins says he misses about the Lehigh Valley and enjoys about his frequent trips here to see his family.
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The voices of Straight No Chaser: Hot a cappella group's local members talk about future, Musikfest

By John J. Moser
Lehigh Valley Music
August 7, 2011 
 ...it was in January that musical director Walter Chase and lead singer Jerome Collins say they discovered they would be playing the show they look forward to more than any in their career so far — its Aug. 11 date on the new Sands Steel Stage at Musikfest.
Chase, a Forks Township native, and Collins, originally from Allentown, grew up with Musikfest being a significant annual event in their lives, and this will be their first hometown show.
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