Like You Like It (Theater Review)

A Pre-SNC review of Charlie and the cast of Like You Like It. It doesn't, like, seem like the reviewer liked it much. pfft! What-ever! lol Honestly, there will always be people who love what you do and people who hate it. My advice is to write for the people who love what you do.  Or you could also just write for yourself and go with Charlie's famous "You can't please any of the people any of the time." ;o)

By Matthew Murray
Talkin' Broadway
September 28, 2004
 Among the problems: The original play's interweaving subplots and social and sexual commentary are simplified almost to non-existence here, making the central love story - between Rosalind (Rebecca Bellingham) and Orlando (Charlie Mechling) extremely conventional and only intermittently interesting.
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Like You Like It, Musical Set in a 1980s Mall, Gets Premiere in NY Musical Theatre Fest Sept. 26-Oct. 4

Pre-SNC, Charlie was in Like You Like It in 2004.

By Kenneth Jones
September 26, 2004
The cast includes Michele Ragusa (Urinetown) and Joshua Park (Tom Sawyer), Rebecca Bellingham, Jason Blaine, Ayler Evan, Colby Foytik, Charlie Mechling, Michael Messer, Jonathan Monk, Tara Sands, Stephanie Schweitzer, Charly Seamon, Joanna Young and Monica Yudovich.
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