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It's always great to see such a nice review! :o) I'm thrilled that the UK liked the Beatles/Stones medley - it's amazing!  The only thing I might mention is that he says Help! is "perfectly coordinated" with Angie, but it's actually Help! and Miss You. Although @StarstruckCanuk says she "would positively die if they sang that." *waves hi to Angie* lol


By Mark Acheson
The News
February 20, 2012
...clearly in the process they have as much fun as the audience does.
But beneath the musical mirth lies an extraordinary combination of voices and movement that make for a hugely enjoyable show.

Review: Straight No Chaser, Grand Opera House, York, Thursday

By James Harle 
York Press
Monday 13th February 2012
Straight No Chaser think they’re so cool, with their double-decker tour bus and their shiny suits.

They’re right to think so; they are very cool. More importantly, they are incredibly gifted – not only in terms of their vocal talent, but also as performers.
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Chart Choice with Signal 2 DJ Paul Fairclough

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A nice piece. The comments are correct, though. Not only did Mr. Manilow contact SNC about singing One Voice, but he specifically arranged it so that they each have an individual vocal line. Ryan blogged about it here:
"Oh, another minor detail about this particular arrangement:  Barry arranged for each of us to have our own individual part in the song (we're normally used to 5-6 parts on a song).  Again, no pressure whatsoever. "
The Sentinel
Friday, February 10, 2012
"To think that the 10 of us could go our separate ways after college, start professional lives, and then commit to putting SNC back together after all these years is nothing short of a minor miracle," said original member Charlie Mechling when I interviewed them.

"With each opportunity to perform that comes our way, we are reminded of how fortunate and blessed we are to be able to do what we love to do."
Make sure you make a note of these American guys' names as I think they are going to be big and their album is well worth a download or a listen. 
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Straight No Chaser – Grand Opera House, York

By Laura Stimpson
The Public Reviews
February 10, 2012
Each performer introduces themselves and a song to the audience, they talk to the audience throughout the night allowing their individual characters to shine through, and leave the audience feeling like they’ve spent the night with new friends.
Straight No Chaser are a group of mega star voices with school boy charm. A truly spectacular, unforgettable performance – this show should not be missed.
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Review: Straight No Chaser, St David’s Hall, Cardiff

By Lorna Doran
South Wales Echo
Feb 7 2012
These guys were relaxed and cool, having fun with their performances and making friends with the crowd with cheeky banter – even trying a few lines of Welsh to win us over.
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Straight No Chaser, Grand Opera House, York, February 9

By Charles Hutchinson
The Press
9:42am Friday 3rd February 2012
DAVID Roberts is one banker you can cheer. Make that former banker. He has foregone working in Wall Street to concentrate full time on Straight No Chaser, the American a cappella group he first joined in his student days at Indiana University in Bloomington. 

Initially, David combined his bank job with Straight No Chaser commitments, but something had to give. “I did both for a little more than a year, and it was exhausting,” he says. “I would work 60 to 70 hours a week and then travel at the weekend to perform. So I’m just starting to recover from that.” 
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US vocal sensations Straight No Chaser planning to conquer the UK (Ryan)

By David Owens
South Wales Echo
Feb 1, 2012
Their show with Welsh mezzo-soprano Jenkins was equally as momentous – playing the Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

“To play a venue that is steeped in so much tradition was incredible and Katherine was so gracious and welcoming to us,” recalls Ryan. “We also played a show supporting her at Hampton Court Palace, so we were ticking off all the historic venues around London,” he adds with a chuckle.

I enquire if she attempted to speak Welsh to the group. “She did, but if she repeated it 20 times I wouldn’t have been able to pronounce it,” jokes Ryan. “She wrote it down and it looked like Chinese to me.”

Note: This article also appears under the title "The Thrill of the Chase."

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