Review: Straight No Chaser a shot of fun

By Jon Fassnacht
Reading Eagle
April 28, 2012
Having 10 voices projecting different things at the same time, especially during the syncopated moments, could have resulted in a jumbled mess.

But the group pulled it off amazingly well, with each member knowing exactly what was needed to fill out the arrangement without cluttering it.
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Music not stopping for Straight No Chaser

I can't wait to find out what this new album concept is that they're so excited about! #isitfallyet?
This reporter does a wonderful job on his interviews with Walt and Jerome whenever they come back to the Lehigh Valley. I always enjoy them.

By John J. Moser
The Morning Call
April 27, 2012
A full-length album is in the works, with most of the recording to take place this summer, Chase says.
"I don't want to lock us down to say when the release is, but we're hoping to have it released for our fall tour this coming year," he says. He says it has been "a labor of love" that will "be stepping up our game," but declines to say precisely how.
"We're kind of saving it, to talk about what it is exactly, but it's going to be a new kind of album for us and we're really excited."
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Speaking with Straight No Chaser's Walter Chase

Lehigh Valley native says a cappella group's popularity still surprising
By John J. Moser
Lehigh Valley Music Blog
April 27, 2012
I didn’t get to talk to you or Jerome after you guys did Musikfest (in August). How did you guys enjoy that show?

“Oh, it was a highlight of not only last year for us, but probably, I’d say for me, for performing in a group and performing, period, it was just so awesome. And the crowd was. The group – if you asked guys who are not from the Lehigh Valley what they thought of the show, they would say that was the highlight of their entire time performing in Straight No Chaser. Just the outdoor atmosphere, the new stage, and just honestly the crowd reaction. We had a small mosh pit at the end of the show – as the guys mentioned, for us was not normal. We’re not normally the mosh pit type of group. So it was exciting. And we’re looking forward to hopefully coming back sometime.”
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Chasing (and living) a (musical) dream

And now you know...
By Mike Morsch
Bucks Local News
April 22, 2012
What has worked is the following that the group has amassed, which are affectionately known as “Chasers” — much like the “Deadheads” who follow the Grateful Dead or the “Parrotheads” who follow Jimmy Buffet. And SNC can thank “The Today Show” for starting the “Chaser” phenomenon.

“We were with Hoda [Kotb] and Kathie Lee [Gifford] doing an interview,” said Collins. “And Kathie Lee said, “I want to be your first groupie.’ And we were like, ‘No, we don’t have groupies, we have Chasers.’ So that’s where the word was born and Kathie Lee was our first ‘Chaser.’ And it just went on from there.’
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A capella singer tells it straight, no chaser

By Bill Lynch
The Charleston Gazette
April 18, 2012
Mechling said they're still working on the show and are always looking at new music to add, which they get from everywhere.
"You've got 10 different guys, and that's 10 different iPod libraries," he said. "We each listen to a lot of different stuff, and we all like to listen to each other's musical influences."
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Straight No Chaser ready for Stranahan show

Mostly correct, except for a rogue "e" in Mike's name, and "Like a Prayer" and "Billie Jean/Poison" are on Six Pack vol 2, not With a Twist.
By Rod Lockwood 
Toledo Blade
April 15, 2012
Straight No Chaser is best known for its live shows, which are energetic, fun, and extremely popular as a result of the group's emphasis on crowd-pleasing vocal gymnastics and its fresh take on a style of music that unfortunately is sometimes considered a bit stodgy.
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Straight No Chaser intoxicates Fort Smith audience

By Joel Rafkin
The City Wire
April 11, 2012
A capella by definition means without instrumental accompaniment but on numerous occasions throughout the show, it was hard to believe that the beats were not coming from drums or bass from a soundtrack.

Lighting effects added another dimension to the show. Beams of light danced around the stage in a manner that supported the music both in mood and intensity but also extended from the stage into the audience and swept across the crowd like a handshake of electrons.
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10-man a capella group graduates beyond college singing performances

A Minor correction. lol Although all crew are respected and valuable members of the touring team, I'm not quite sure what the reporter meant by this. The lighting is designed by Lighting Director, Blake Minor, not one of the SNC guys.

By David Burke
QC Times
April 7, 2012
Trepp is one of three main arrangers for the group, although all are welcome to bring their own ideas for covering everything from traditional songs to recent pop hits. Other members are responsible for different aspects of the group, from lighting to costumes to marketing.

Straight No Chaser finds harmony on the road

"Tyler is 'The Single Guy.' That's his job." ~Walt 
By Bruce R. Miller
Sioux City Journal
April 6, 2012
The lifestyle, Trepp says, can be difficult. Some of the SNC guys are married and have children. "I'm not married, so there's nothing holding me back. I could see doing this for a's a lot of fun but road life is long and you're away from home."
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Chasing down Straight No Chaser

*gasp!* Looks like IU SNC, the current college group still active at IU, is changing their name to "Another Round"! That's quite a scoop!

Edit: The article is no longer online, so the text appears below.
By Holly Leber
Times Free Press
Friday April 6, 2012
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What do you call a combination of 10 handsome men and a repertoire of songs that spans several decades?

Straight No Chaser.

Beginning at Indiana University in 1996, Straight No Chaser was like most other college a capella groups.

Old members graduated, and new ones came in every year.

They made their presence known on campus by chalking sidewalks and putting up fliers.

They all planned to graduate and move into "real" jobs.

Most did.

A 10-year reunion concert brought some of the group's original members back together, and a YouTube video caught the attention of Craig Kallman, chief executive officer of Atlantic Records.

The group signed to Atlantic in 2008.

"That was not in any of our plans," baritone Seggie Isho said of the opportunity to become a full-time professional musician.

In fact, he confessed, most of the guys originally became involved for two purposes: "to sing to girls and to have fun on campus."

They were all at least quasi-successful, he said, on both fronts.

"A couple of the guys are actually married to ladies who were part of female a capella groups on campus."

Isho was a member of the on-campus group from 2002 to 2005 and was brought into the professional group in 2009. At the time, he was working for his brother's wireless company in Las Vegas.

"It was a pretty easy decision," he said. "When someone calls and says, 'Hey, do you want a record deal?' you don't really say no to that."

Currently there are two incarnations, the pro and the on-campus, though the on-campus group is being changed to Another Round.

Straight No Chaser's repertoire ranges from Lady Gaga to Frankie Valli. They perform at the Tivoli Theatre on Wednesday.

Straight No Chaser accepts challenge of 'Glee'

By Tom Weber
April 5, 2012
"We're glad that 'Glee' is out there," Trepp said. "It's brought a lot of attention to our genre."
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Interview With Mike Luginbill Of Straight No Chaser Performing At The Long Center In Austin

By Rebekkah Adams
Ask Miss A
April 2, 2012
"The most exciting part about being on tour is the live show itself. There is nothing like going out there and feeling the energy from a packed house that is there to see SNC. The joy that we bring to other people through our music is what brings a smile to my face."
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A to Z Challenge

This month I've taken on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and I'm blogging an "ABCs of SNC" series over at the SNC Quarter Notes blog! Be sure to stop by and cheer me on, or point and laugh if I don't make it. lol