SOUND OFF Interview: Walter Chase of Straight No Chaser

Walt mentions that "One of the guys last night wrote a three-page blog."  I checked and, depending on the timing, it was either Ryan's legendary "Baby Monkey" blog or Don's equally legendary post about Moriarty, NM. Also, I *love* the packaging on the "All I Want for Christmas" box set! Simply gorgeous and love the booklet - bravo to whoever designed that!

By Pat Cerasaro
Broadway World
November 29, 2010
"...they asked us to send in childhood pictures of us from the holidays. When I first saw the box set, it was really neat to see - you know, just paging through and seeing all of us. Plus, if people are holding it up in the audience you can see them because the light reflects off the metallic covers so they look a little red or green."

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Straight No Chaser Rides Indiana Roots To Stardom

rtv6 ABC
The INDY Channel
November 23, 2010
 In 2006, the group reunited briefly on campus at a 10-year reunion.

"I found these old video clips that none of us had seen for ourselves. There were so old, they were on betamax," Stine said.
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Straight No Chaser demonstrates the power of voices

By Sonya Padgett
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Nov. 4, 2010, 12:00 a.m.
When Seggie Isho moved to Las Vegas five years ago, he had to put his musical studies on hold to help with his brother's local wireless business.
It looked as though his life passion, a career in music, would slip out of reach.
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