The Chaser Archives' Logo

I've wondered if this question would come up someday. :) I decided to have some fun with it, so I asked Chasers to tweet me with their guesses and I promised to reveal the answer at 3 pm PST today. And then I greatly enjoyed the lively debate and conversation that followed. Thank you to everyone for your patience and playing along.

The answer is... *VP drumroll* TYLER!

 I made the logo myself in Photoshop from something I treasure - my very first SNC group shot.

As you can see, the way Tyler is standing is absolutely perfect for what I needed, and I love that his tie is just a little off-center. He's casual, relaxed, fun - exactly the feel I wanted for the site. I did NOT see this picture and then think "Oh, there's my logo!" lol It evolved, as creative things do. I didn't even know exactly what I wanted the logo to be at first. I did notice that the grey/white/red color scheme of these particular suits would be perfect for a blog because it incorporates the important crimson while still being easy to read. And, generally speaking, I just really like that color combination. I think it looks nice on them and the blog.

The fact that this question even came up is great because it shows me that the logo does represent each of them individually and also together as a team.

Thanks for asking, Dottie! And I'd also like to send a thank you shoutout to Tyler! Not many people can say they are a logo, so I hope you enjoy it. :)