YouTube sensation Straight No Chaser becomes hit

By Shanon Cook
December 22, 2008
CNN: Are you going to keep your day jobs?

Collins: There's no chance that I'm going to be keeping my day job. I obviously gave it up to try and do this so I know for a fact that I'm not going to be going back. I hope they didn't hear that. This is it. This is what I dreamed to do as a kid. This is what I want my day job to be.

CNN: What about your personalities ... have you all changed a little
since you were at school together?

Stine: I think all of us are pretty much the same, just maybe more opinionated.
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MoJo Audio: A Cappella's Viral Charm

This one is a transcript of a podcast interview with Walt and DR. The podcast player is still available on the page to listen, but the iTunes download link seems to have expired. 

By Nikki Gloudeman
MoJo Audio
Friday December 19, 2008
MJ: So what has been, overall, the most surprising part of this whole experience?

SNC: Besides the record deal? I think that's first and second on the list.
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Straight No Chaser bring a cappella to the mainstream

By Wade Coggeshall
Hendricks County Flyer
December 10, 2008
Mike Luginbill, who also attended Hamilton Southeastern and joined Straight No Chaser with Ahlwardt, got the (12 Days) clip e-mailed to him.

“I was like, ‘Hey, I know these guys. I was in this group,’” he said.
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Straight No Chaser wishes you an a cappella Christmas (Dan)

By Jim DeRogatis
December 2, 2008
Chicago Sun-Times
"Sitting down at the piano and writing the notes, it was like I was in college again. A cappella is a very niche music style, and I'm not just writing for any musicians; I'm writing for my close friends. I know their voices better than anyone's, so when I'm actually writing the notes on the page, I'm thinking, 'This guy is gonna sing this part, this guy is gonna sing that part.' 
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