Former Straight No Chaser singer goes solo

Don't panic! This article is from 2005. At the time, Ryan was formerly IU SNC and had decided to continue with music by going solo. Later on he got the call to join the Atlantic Records SNC. So technically Ryan has been in IU SNC, then with some other groups, then solo, and now he's with the professional SNC. Make sense? Cool.

The referenced solo album, I Can See Forever, was released May 7, 2006 and the MP3 is still available for purchase. I highly recommend it - it's fantastic! We also get to hear the Mrs. on one track, but I won't spoil it for you. You can't buy the physical CD anymore, so if you find one, grab it!

Also, his personal website is now


Local artist uses a capella, bar band experience
By Allison Richie
Indiana Daily Student
November 17, 2005
"I people watch," (Ryan) said. "My lyrics come from everyday conversations and me wondering what other people are thinking … I'm always talking into my phone recorder and writing phrases down.

"When a listener can take one of my songs and make it their own, that's what I want to achieve."
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Ryan Ahlwardt: I Can See Forever
CD Baby

A CurtainUp Berkshires Review: Hair

An excellent review of the (Pre-SNC) August 5, 2005 showing of Hair - Charlie was a Tribe member. The accompanying photo is driving me crazy because the guy in the upper left looks just enough like Charlie to possibly be him, but it's so tiny and I haven't been able to get a confirmation. And I have no idea if there was anyone else in the cast who looked like him, or what kind of costume he had on. This is the kind of question that keeps people like me up at night... lol

By Elyse Sommer
August 2005
Whether you're seventeen or seventy, you'll probably agree that this latest incarnation of the musical with a plot as light as its rock score, is an authentic piece of musical Americana that captures the musical and political-philosophical zeitgeist of a now grown-up generation.

"Let the Sunshine In": Barrington's Hair Begins Performances Aug. 3

Pre-SNC (2005), Charlie was in a production of Hair.

By Andrew Gans
August 3, 2005
The Hair Tribe members comprise Negozi Anyanwu, Patrick Carlyle, Inuka Nyota Griggs, Bettina Tyler-Lewis, Charlie Mechling, Lisa Vidas Consolacion, Maurice Emmanuel Parent and Leonard E. Sullivan.
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IU a cappella group Straight No Chaser to compete for international prize

#SNCFunFact This article refers to the 2005 ICCA Finals, the real competition that sparked the story of the book and movie Pitch Perfect. This incarnation of IU SNC included Tyler (as musical director), Seggie and Charlie's brother Luke (now a bass in Gentleman's Rule).

IU News
April 21, 2005

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Their competition piece, "The Life and Times of Straight No Chaser" (video credits LastRich13)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Broadway musical 'Seven Brides' arrives in Waco

A pre-SNC article from when Charlie was in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."


By Matthew Waller
The Lariat Online
February 25, 2005

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Comical couples of 'Seven Brides' takes stage at The Maryland Theatre

A pre-SNC interview with Charlie and his co-lead, Alicia Albright, when he was in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."

By Andrea Rowland
January 23, 2005
"It's a really fun show to do. There's a lot of action. It's great interacting with all the brothers and all the brides. It really feels like a family," said Mechling, 27, of Bloomington, Ind., who plays Adam Pontipee. "And the music is just great. It's one of the best movie musicals."
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