Q to the A with R to the A

Great Q & A with Ryan as only Megan & Amanda can do it! If you haven't yet read through their blog of Chaser adventures, do yourself a favor - make some popcorn and M&Ms and settle in for a while! (That's a lot of ampersands...)
If you had to rewrite the song “Windows Down”, how would you change the lyrics so it reflects your life as it is now?
 Haha! I always feel like I'm lying whenever I perform that song (which, granted, hasn't been for awhile) because I've since been to Texas, South Carolina, and Montana. I'm still holding out for Hawaii!
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hope all is well

There are a lot of great reasons to follow the SNC guys on Twitter, but this is one of my favorites - the conversations, such as this one from the afternoon of March 11, 2011. I don't normally screencap them, but this one just needed to be. lol By the time Walt said, "...and kittens!" I was cry-laughing, and Randy's calm tweets in the middle of it all makes it that much funnier. And yes, Walt really does say "hope all is well." :o)

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