Viral video launches Hoosier a cappella group toward pop stardom

Commenting from 3 years in the future: lol! "Bosslady" is RIGHT!

By Neal Taflinger
November 26, 2008
A cappella is hot on the streets, or so my editor would have me believe. She says it's popular on college campuses, and it's trickling up into pop music. I'm skeptical, but bosslady keeps pushing, even making the claim that male a cappella singers are "sexy."
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At the end of the article there's a mention of the upcoming WZPL Jingle Jam 2008 Indianapolis w/ headliner Plain White T's. Here's a 10 minute video with some backstage and performance moments:

Includes a VERY brief clip of SNC's "Live Your Life and Flo With Whatever You Like" (not available for purchase at this time)

SNC Fun Fact 1: Six Pack: Vol 2 includes "Rhythm of Love," originally by the Plain White T's.

SNC Fun Fact 2: "Subway Jared" (Jared Fogle) briefly appears and mentions that he is there to see his buddy, Dave Roberts. They met at IU, but apparently Jared never got to see DR perform until the Jingle Jam.

Straight No Chaser: Sweet harmony of serendipity (Walter, Jerome)

There are 2 links to this one because there's no way to link to the full article. Great piece! I love the early ones.

By Tim Blangger
The Morning Call
November 16, 2008
Collins' voice teacher from his youth, Gail Grossman, is not surprised at his success.

"He had a beautiful voice, a beautiful instrument," said Grossman, who still teaches voice in her Allentown studio. "He just had this innately. I truly believe this is something you're born with."

Collins' parents also are proud. "We always knew he would make it" as a singer, said Collins' father, Gerald, who lives with his wife, Gloria, in the Allentown home where Jerome grew up. "He could harmonize as a baby. He shocked me."

Chase's mother, Rose Shilanskas, was just as confident her son's talent and efforts eventually would lead to something big. "I'm very proud of him," she said. "He's been working with his music for a long time."

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Straight No Chaser to release Holiday Spirits

By Jermy Leeuwis
Music Remedy
November 8, 2008
"I think their potential is unlimited," said Atlantic Chairman/CEO Craig Kallman, who personally signed Straight No Chaser. "The incredible combination of their amazing voices, great material, fantastic sense of humor, and huge charisma sets them completely apart from what anyone usually thinks of when they think 'a cappella group.' They're just a great group, period. I believe they have a terrific future ahead of them in the musical mainstream."
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NBA Christmas songs (video credit bostcelts8)

Vietnam War Memorial performance (video credit ndrepMark)

Lambeau Leap at the Packers Game (video credit Randy Stine)