Straight No Chaser: 10-part vocals and no band (Tyler)

Wicked Local Canton blog
July 11, 2014
Trepp had played piano while growing up, and performed in the usual high school bands, but he'd always been fascinated by vocals. His father's record collection helped foster that interest, as his dad's favorites included the Beach Boys, Queen, Styx, Journey, Chuicago and other bands that featured superb vocals and harmonies.

"My dad had always loved a capella singing too," noted Trepp. "And when I began to look at colleges, and heard about the group at Indiana, that was a major reason for my choosing to go there."
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Chasing the Dream: Straight No Chaser (Seggie)

By Jackson Sinnenberg
What's On Tap
July 10, 2014
For their most recent album, the double LP Under the Influence, Straight No Chaser found themselves almost overwhelmed by the people who teamed up with them. "I remember we sent out this huge list of people that we wanted to work with, not expecting much from them," Isho told On Tap, the excitement rising in every word, "And then it was just crazy; all of these people just started emailing back saying they wanted to work with us."
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Naperville North grad touring with a cappella group (Randy)

By Melissa Jenco
Chicago Tribune
July 10, 2014
Stine's love of music started in elementary school, but carrying his trumpet home every day to practice was a pain. Singing didn't require instrument schlepping so he thought he'd try that instead.

He went on to sing while at Jefferson Junior High and Naperville North where he appeared in productions like "Oklahoma" and "The Mikado" before graduating in 1995.
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Straight No Chaser brings ‘Happy Hour’ to the Sun Center (Jerome)

Did I see the words "next album" in this article? *squee*

By Joe Szczechowski
DCNN Correspondent
Monday, July 07, 2014
“People can watch us on video, but the live experience is what it’s all about,” Collins says. “We try to make the audience feel like they’re part of the show. We want you to feel like we are not singing at you, we are singing with you.”
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Sharper Than Ever: A Cappella is YouTube's New Favorite Obsession

By Peter Hoare
Fuse News
January 10, 2014
Prior to Pitch Perfect, there was Indiana University's favorite a capella group - Straight No Chaser. After a decade-old performance of theirs went viral on YouTube, the guys found themselves signed to a major label.
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There's also a video included with the article.