YouTube phenoms Straight No Chaser come clean at BCPA

lol It's like a reverse Harry Potter... They Who Shall Not Speak Their Own Name.  This is a great piece, well done.

By Dan Craft
September 24, 2009
Alas, their chosen name, taken from Thelonius Monk's legendary 1967 album, didn't amuse the administration at the dry-as-a-bone campus.

In the beginning, IU officials would bill them only as "Men's Ensemble" in programs and advertising. Then "Men's Ensemble" wound up playing a wedding rehearsal for a UI Alumni Association member, and all that changed.

Duly wowed, the august alum cleared the way for Straight No Chaser to leap from "the band that dare not speak its name" to proudly serving as IU's official singing ambassadors at functions far and wide.
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